FLUID Cycling's class design and programming is designed to bring the outdoor riding experience indoors for all levels.  Riding through locations all over the world, class designs will vary to build the most comprehensive results-driven indoor cycling experience in the world.



Unlike most indoor cycling studios, FLUID Cycling uses RealRyder Fitness Bikes, the leader in indoor cycling that utilizes cutting edge Core-technology to provide an authentic "burn and build" cycling experience.  Post-class options include Core, BodySculpt and Recovery Options in our multipurpose Group Ex Room.

Our classes appeal to beginners, hard-core cyclists, and everyone in between and collectively provide a truly unique and effective cycling experience.

Our Passionate team of Instructors will ensure that you will enjoy our fast-paced, high-intensity workouts, all set to upbeat and motivational music.  Welcome to FLUID Cycling, where our studio will bring the most current and innovative fitness equipment to present a unique, high-energy, total body workout experience.


To complete the experience, we also utilize MyRIDE+ Forward Motion Video technology.  Forward Motion Video is a first person video experience that allows the participant to feel as if they are traveling through actual locations from all around the world - roads, trails, valleys, and mountains - 140 different landscapes with no limits on where we can go -

- Taking Your Fitness to New Places! - 


Another capability we add to your indoor cycling experience is MYZONE®.  A chest strap and monitoring system that transmits heart rate, calories and effort in real time to a live display and wirelessly uploads that data to a logbook that can be accessed online or through the free MYZONE® Lite App.

MYZONE® is the only exercise tracking system in the world that is able to provide real-time feedback of exercise intensity as well as wirelessly upload exercise data that has been stored, making the technology simple and convenient for everyone to use.